Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Music Video draft

The first minute of the video has only a few 'hard to film' scenes, for example the ones with the people in the cages (but for that we will just film in my attic, which has a similar look to the music video), but other than that the scenes are straight forward (a girl (me) walking in the forest). So that is why i has decided to re - create imagine dragon's radioactive for our music video (mainly because it is a very simple, easy to make video.) 

Analysis -

The track that me and Harry decided to create our music video to is 'Imagine dragon's, Radioactive', this song was created in 2013 and is 'alternative rock'. When trying to find the music video that we wanted to make a music video to, it did take some time because we had to chose something that we could create in a short amount of time. For example 'killer teddys' we cannot make, but luckily for us we only had to re - create the first minute of the music video, so no killer teddies for us. Other than that Radioactive is a pretty straight forward video that is why it was a perfect choice to to re - create.

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