Wednesday, 23 April 2014

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Music video Evaluation (test)

Music video evaluation - Radioactive / Imagine Dragons

Our first music video (the test music video) is based on the music video 'radioactive' by Imagine Dragon's. We have tried to re create the music video scene for scene for one minute of the music video, for example in the real music video it is based in a wooded area and a wooden shack (which is really a arena).

- In the real music video

                                                                                     - In our music video

Me and Harry have tried to capture that same feel and setting that is produced in the real music video, as you can see it isn't perfect, but it is close. We used the wooded area near to where Harry lives' 'Toots-wood park', this was a perfect place to film out music video because it is a large wooded area with similar like areas to the music video. The other location we used was Harrys back garden, we used this because Harry has a large shed with is similar to the one in the music video and the same colour. These two locations were pretty tricky to chose because we wanted the right shots to make the video look good. 

- In the real music video

                                                                                     - In our music video

The costumes that me and Harry used were similar to the ones in the music video, for example I was the girl so i had to wear a wig (obviously), a blue hoodie and black Jean's thats what i had to wear to make me look similar to the girl in the real music video. Also I had to wear a sombrero for some of the music video because I had to play two parts due to the lack of actors. Lastly Harry who plays the man locked up in the cell is just wearing casual clothes (just like the music video) he is not going to be wearing really smart clothes in a dudgeon / prison. Linking on with costumes comes the props that we used in the time we filed this music video - The wig - to reenact the girl   
- Money - for the gamblers (we used monopoly money)
- Sombrero's - also for the gamblers 
- Cage - for the women at the start of the music video (which is covered in cloth which could also be counted as a prop)
 - Costumes - for the actors

All of these props all came in handy when filming this music video, lets basically say that without them we could not of filmed this music video.

Moving on to talk about the shots that we used, we used a variety of shots, for example extreme long shot -  a shot from an extreme distance (as you can see by the top image) these types of shots let a lot of background in to the shot (shows the audience more of what is going on in the scene). Another shot used is the extreme close up (in the music video there is a close up of the women's (chris) eyes) as you can see they are no were near alike (the top one is far more beautiful), these shots build effect (tension), it shows the actress is anticipating something and in my view builds a bit of tension, me and Harry have recreated this tension in our music video. 

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