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styles of a music video


Music videos feature all different kinds of styles and genres. These features help make the videos interesting and unique compared to other music videos. Below are the types of styles and their definitions. There are seven types of music video categories. These include:


A narrative is a music video that tells a story throughout the video and describes a sequence of non-fictional or fictional events, normally shown as a short story or film. Narrative music videos are normally very popular as it engages the audience in the story and the story can often relate to the audiences experiences for example, a breakup, death in the family ect. A large range of artists now include narratives into their music videos as its different to usual music videos and the story that the artists has chosen to project, may be a special topic for them or something they feel strongly for. For example a music video about the misuse of drugs, music video on gangs.

This video is an example of a narrative music video. This video tells the story of an obsessed Ed Sheeran fan, who trys to follow the life go the artist. As the video progresses so does the story, resulting in a clear idea of what the character is going through. This video is very effective as normally the artists is shown throughout the whole music video, however in this video Ed Sheeran is only shown for a couple of seconds at the end of the video.


Interpretive means something that looks like something else, but has a different meaning. Interpretive music videos normally want the audience to make their own interpretation of what they think the music video is about.

This video is sung by Rihanna and is called Russian Roulette. This video is a prime example of an interpretive music video as the video dent have a clear meaning giving the audience time to inter prate it in whatever way they want. The video is about a woman who appears to of been placed inside a special Russian prison, where the guards don’t seem to be too nice to her. This means that the audience has to interpret their own meaning on the video as it isn’t made clear where she is or why she is there.

parody is a spoof, in current usage, is an imitative work created to mock, comment on, or trivialize an original work, its subject, author, style, or some other target, by means of humorous,satiric or ironic imitation. Parody music videos aren’t the most popular way in which an artist chooses to promote his or hers music however it is becoming more and more popular and is usually very popular amongst the audience.

This video is an example of a parody music video. This video was created by a group called The Lonely Island and features the singer Michael Bolton and is called Jack Sparrow. As you can see from the name of the video, this parody music video focuses on the film Pirates of the Caribbean. Towards the end of the video the theme changes to Scarface and Forest Gump. This video is very successful as it features the singer Michael Bolton singing a completely different version of the song to which the group are singing. What also makes this video interesting is Michael Bolton dressed up as the characters Jack Sparrow and Tony Montanna (scarface) and Forest Gump as you would never normally see a famous actor doing this sort of thing which also adds to the theme comedy.


                                                                        A pastiche is a literary or other artistic genre or technique that is a imitation.

This music video is an example of a pastiche music video. This video is called Youlle Always find me int the kitchen At Parties. This video uses a 80s themed party, with retro clothing, in a modern environment. This video is made interesting as the two guys travel from kitchen to kitchen through cupboards, through fridges and using draws as a stairway up to the next kitchen. Also toward the end of the video the artists appear to be dancing on the kitchen ceiling. This also gives the video more appeal and makes it unique.


The latest music video from American rapper Snoop Lion features references to classic video games, putting Snoop on the front lines of Pokemon and side-scrolling space shooters.
The video above, set to his song "Get Away" from the album Reincarnated, includes heavy references to the Pokemon franchise. A tiny Snoop walks through a town in a "red/yellow/green version" of what looks like an 8-bit video game. Snoop comes across a character named Major Lazer, the DJ and artist who produced Snoop's album — who promptly challenges him to battle using creatures that appear an awful lot like Pokemon.
From there the two take to hoverboards and test themselves in a sci-fi-looking side-scrolling shooter. These are the only two games to appear in the video, but the art style looks and feels like playing a Game-Boy or the SNES.

An impressionist music video is one that makes you feel a certain way. An example of this is the Take That video, 'Back For Good' is in black and white, which mixed with slow walking and the rain makes it feel like a romantic sad song. Artists may choose to have an impressionist video if they want to make the viewers feel some emotion towerds the video or song.


These videos either have no story at all or random Mind Screwy stories. Many Animated Music Videos fall into this category. Usually the imagery will be intercut with or somehow involve the band performing, but sometimes they go all-out and dispense with the band shots as well.

The undisputed king of horrifying music video surrealism is Chris Cunningham.

His most famous video is probably the one for Come To Daddy by Aphex Twin. The video features a number of children terrorising an old lady walking her dog. Each child has the face of Richard D. James.


intertextuality is the way in which one media text is refrenced to another, for example: Katy perry's 'last friday night' video includes intertextuality references with there being credits at the begining, and at the end of the video creating a movie effect, the characters are all wearing clothes that are worn in the 80's, and the artist looks on a social network site called friend place, this is acting as a facebook substitute.

animation in a music video is where the video is either stop animated or computor animated,  Animation and music go together, from A-ha’s “Take on Me,” to the animated band Gorilliaz- animated music videos can make a great song even more memorable. Powerhouse Animation created the first animated video, No matter the genre of music you create, animation can illustrate your music and lyrics with more freedom than live-action can. Not only can Powerhouse animation work in whatever art style you want for your animated music video, we can help you come up with something unique that will help your song stand out. 

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