Tuesday, 1 October 2013

final logo

I have chosen this logo as my final logo, as i think it ticks most of the boxes to be a perfect logo for E4 reasons for this is that it is the shade of purple that all the other e4 logos are, this is important an as the cooperate identity theory shows, people will recognize a channel by the color of there logo therefore i used this logo for that reason, i also used a space type theme in the E this is to make the logo more vibrant and more exiting and appeal to the audience of 16 to 34 year olds, as i would hope they would not just want a plain and boring logo that they see everywhere which is too common so i thought with my logo i would make it seem more of a logo that people would look at and make them want to watch the channel, i also included the full name of e4 which is entertainment 4 so people know and understand it, i also included a rocket as a link to the space theme of the logo, I also included the 4 in a planet to make it more recognizable sticking to cooperate identity theory, this is only one logo and would not last forever as the style and theme of the logo are always changing linking to different themes. i personally think that this logo is a bit childish however i think that it is what a comedy show need, for example when a 20 year old man is watching a program on e4 it makes them feel immature and childish therefore the childish logo with the rocket and space theme , so that adults can relive there years as a child hypothetically by watching E4.

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