Thursday, 10 October 2013

emotional response

not all the lyrics in this video were interpritated, this is meant by not all the lyrics are literal for example there is not a lyric that links to the video all the time
- cold and ice link with the cold theme
- when jar of hearts is mentioned you see the deep emotion and the editing of a jar
- when the lyrics become angry the emotion exceeds

- dancing aggression and passion
- different emotions and expressed
- misty murky and ground of love
- felt death of love at the beginning
- torn up wedding dress, love is dead
- rule of thirds used
- she has been left and torn

- close ups for emotion
- cold filtering, to match the cold emotions
- slow tracking for ad emotion
- zooming out to see expression
- lonely shots to show she has been abandoned
- slow movement to express emotion
- emotive words are expressed

- when she mentioned her heart the jar would be shown empty to express she had he heart stolen
- editing was slow to show more emotion
- when the soul is being taken from the girls mouth you can see he is stealing peoples souls and it matches with the lyric
- she gets her heart back and the environment brightens and warms up
- fades transition to create emotion.

-when burn is mentioned the lights light up
-lyrics are not interpreted
-when light it up is sang the light go brighter

- dancing aggression and passion
- different emotions and expressed
- Bright colors, to express lyrics
- lots of dancers to express vibrant melody
- empty space until song gets into chorus then i fills with people

- close ups for emotion
- wide angle shots of everyone dancing
- panning shots to add a slow effect
- wide shots of the singer to show the open space around her

- when she says 'let it burn' all the lights, light up and are bight
- editing was slow to add effect
- some shots are in slow motion to create effect
- the lighting is bright, however when she says : 'let it burn' it becomes even brighter
- it is edited so the breaks are small between each shot

- in the chorus when paradise is mentioned he makes it to his home which is his idea of paradise
- when he sings the chorus earlier in the song he holds up the cards with the lyrics on
- when he sings the chrous and the word paradise, when it is entioned it gets louder increasing the emotion.

mise on scene
- bright and warm colours when they get to africa to show the heat and emotion that he is home
- the scene of london where he has made his way from the zoo, to escape captivity
- all the transport he uses and how they are all empty and hes on his own
- costume of elephant metephorical of how elephants want to go home
- rule of thirds used

- close ups to show emotion of how the elephant wants to go home
- wide shots to show the far distances he has to take
- panning and tracking to show where he is going and far he is travelling

- quick scenes to show what transport he used to get around and how long it took
- normal lighting when in london, but when he goes to africa the colour become dim and warm to show heat
- fades to craete emotion and tension
- the gain in sound when he reches his version of paradise that links to the lryics also.

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