Friday, 25 October 2013

15. interview and analysis


question 1: do you like the current E4 ident, and why?
question 2: what style of ident do you enjoy most?
question 3: would you expect to see the logo in the E4 ident?
question 4: how long do you expect the ident to be?
question 5: what theme would you like to be included in the ident?
question 6: what atmosphere would you like the ident to be set in?
question 7: what is you favorite tv ident and why?
question 8: would you expect to see a story in the ident?

Question 1 is asking do you like the current ident, i asked this question as if people where to say no i could evaluate the current  ident and take on board what they dislike about it and when making my ident add the improvements, i could also do the same for if they like the ident as i would add to my ident what they liked about the current ident.
Question 2 is asking what style of ident do you enjoy most, i think that this is an important question as it gives you an understanding of what style i can use in my ident for example if they liked animation the most it would be the obvious choice to do an animation ident.
Question 3 asks would you expect to see the logo in the ident i think this question enables you to know weather or not you should put the logo in and if so why depending on the results of the question.
Question 4 asks how long would you expect the ident to be this gives an idea depending on the results of how long i should make the ident, for example if they said 40 seconds i would try and make it around 40 seconds as people might get bored after that time.
Question 5 this question is asking what theme should be linked in the ident this question is very useful as if determines weather or not i should even have a theme and if so which one, for example if they where to say have a space theme i would include a space theme in my ident.
Question 6 this question is asking about the atmosphere of the ident  for example whether it should be filmed outside or in-front of white paper or if doing animation crete an atmosphere and this question determines and helps situate the ident and what atmosphere it should be filmed in.
Question 7 this question asks what your favorite tv ident is i think this question can help determine the ident as i think if for example they said i like the bbc ident i could look at the bbc ident and see what features they like and include these features in my ident as it would be the popular option.
Question 8 this ident asks would you expect to see a story in the ident this is asking if there should be a purpose to the ident for example a small story this could be shown by maybe a small man making a fire and he finally makes the fire and then the e4 logo appears, therefore interesting the viewers this would only be done if the people asking the question chose this as the most popular.

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