Monday, 2 June 2014

36. self assessment of powerpoint and client feedback

I feel i met the client brief because when we spoke about what improvements that could be made to it, i feel i have made those improvements and included some factors that make our ident better, the first one being corporate identity theory, the corporate identity theory is used in our ident as the certain shade of purple that is the E4 logo colour and various other things that make up E4, in out our ident we had the rocket that flew out the shade of purple and we also had the planet that the rocket lands on the shade of purple, we have done this so that people recognize our ident to resemble to E4. We then had to focus on out target audience, the target audience for E4 is 16 to 34 year olds therefor in our ident we agreed a good theme would be space as it would entertain all the ages and still be comical depending on what we include around it, for example in our ident we did a man flying to a planet which is the E4 logo, which is plain a simple and the target audience could enjoy it. We then discussed about remodeling some of the props as they were not at a good standard, we did then redo most of the props to improve the ident and make it more professional, for example we had to remake the model rocket as the size of it did not match the size of the character so therefore we had to resize it to match the size of the character, for the character we used a lego figure as its easy to use and make it look like he is moving, we also discussed this as its the easiest thing to make it look like its actually moving, we then made the planet to a usable size, so not to big but the right size so that the lego figure could fit on, we agreed clay was the best thing to use as we could mould all the things we wanted such as the planet the e4 logo the space theme and even the planet, this did work really well in our ident and i think it was very successful, as for the other scenery we just drew it in on a board to make it look like a forest. finally we discussed the camera and how we would position it, obviously we used a tripod to keep the same position the whole time so that it looks like the lego figure is actually moving, and we used a standard HD camera to get the good quality pictures so it doesn't look too bad, overall the ident turned out successfully thanks to these features being changed.

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