Monday, 2 June 2014

production log

Production Log

The production log is basically what we did to create our music video, and the order we did them in. I would say that the process of creating our music video was pretty smooth as the paperwork was all done in order and was all in on the deadline.

Stage one -
                  What me and Harry did first was to finish the drafts for the music video, this is the stuff like the story boards, etc. This gave me and Harry a clear idea on what we wanted to do. The concept of our idea is basically about a boy who gets bullied, but ends up finding himself when he gets on his scooter, and then becomes friends with the bully at the end.
When the storyboard was done with our main focus was the casing, obviously we needed a few others to star in our music video, so we found a few friends who we could cast in our music video, this is the whole idea of the casting. So in the first stage we finished our story board and the casting list for our music video.

Stage two -
                 In the second stage we finished :
                                                                   - Crew Roles
                                                                   - Artist Case studies
                                                                   - Filming Permission
                                                                   - Clearance letter
                                                                   - Script
                                                                   - All of these pieces of work were created within a week, these pieces of work were to do with the setting up of the music and setting we were doing the music video in. They were done in the order as shown above, this was also smooth as we had no troubles whilst creating this pieces of work.

Stage three -
                   Stage three was the production phase :
                                                                               - Risk assessment
                                                                               - Shot list
                                                                               - Equipment / Props list
                                                                               - Location Reece
                                                                               - Track choice and analysis
                                                                               - Shooting script
                                                                               - Case studies
                                                                               - Call list
                                                                               - This was the end of the production phase of our music video, the pieces above were done in the order as shown above. This was the end to the lead up to creating our music video.

The filming / editing stage -
                                            This was when we began to film out music video over the course of a whole day, the editing took a little longer as we had to add transitions and special effects by using 'abobe premier pro' and 'adobe after effects' :
                                                                     - Final Edit
                                                                     - Final music video
                                                                     - After this stage there was still more work to be done, the build up work that we had decided to leave till after we finished our own music video, so we would have a better insight to what we had to do :
                                                                   - Advertising in music videos
                                                                   - Meaning in music videos
                                                                   - Single shot camera analysis
                                                                   - Music video styles
                                                                   - Music video purposes
                                                                   - These were the final pieces of work for the unit about creating our own music video, there was another one or two pieces of work that I may of missed or left out but that is because they were not as important as these pieces of work.


During the process of my music video the planning and research went very well, as a result of this the music video turned out exactly as planned and was a success, during the planning we made sure that everything was prepared for when we were ready to shoot, for example we done a location rec. to make sure that the location we were filming was appropriate and to know where we were going to be filming so that when it came to the time of filming the video we were prepared and already have knowledge of where we are going to film, we also done a props list to ensure we knew exactly what props we needed and how much they would cost, we also did a cast list to plan who was playing which role, finally we did a production schedule to know what scene involves what so that when the time of making the video came we knew what to do. overall out group worked really well together as everyone put in equally as much work to get an overall success as i think the video turned out really well.

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