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conventions on news programmes

the codes and conventions of a news show

codes are systems of signs, these create meaning. codes are most commonly divided in to two catogories, technical and symbolic. the technical codes are all the ways the equipment can be used to tell the story in a media text, for example the paticular font and the size of the font in a news paper.
symbolic codes show what is beneath the surface of what we see. for example the size of the the text in a newspaper, to show its importance.

things you'll expect to see in a news show

-studio news readers
-actuality footage
-eye witnessess
-links to the studio
-mode of address to the veiwers
-report structure

a brief overveiw of a new readers job description

to present in depth research to a broad brief. to write material for promgramme scripts, bulletins and links maintaining professional journalistic standards. to interveiw and then report the situation in live situations. to prepare and present bulletins. to present live and pre recorded radio news and current affairs. to organise and develop programme ideas and finally to provide briefings for reporters.

overview of a newreporters job

news reporters also known as journalists gather information and keep the public up to date with current affairs and important events they gain informatin from sources such as, personal interviews, news briefings and question and answer periods in which they meet governer officials, they then relay it as news. Newspapers, magazines, television and radion depend on reporters to keep up to date with current events.

brief defenitions

links to the studio - this is where a reporter will invite another member to the show and the shot quickly moves to another location, mostlu abroad.

modes of address - the mode of address is the way in which the reporter will present the information to the viewers.

reports structure - an example of a report structure:
cover sheet: title/course title/module number and title/name of team members

title page:full title of project

contents page: should be comprehensive

intro: page long, the purpose behind the report

main report: include the ways in which you got the information, results and conclusion

reference: how and who you got your referances

actuality footage: this is the live footage used in the news

documentary formats

expository: this mode of documentary is more easy to watch, becuase it follows much less strict conventions

observational: this type of documentary is only shot through a singular camera, its aim is to enhance the the reality through its shots.

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