Wednesday, 24 September 2014

THE EXPOSITORY MODE (voice of god) 

Expository documentaries are documentraies that expose a person or a topic, it is a classic form of documentory, one of the four main types.
Expository documentaries are well known for having a commentator, talking over the pictures and videos explaing the documentary as it goes on, for example 'Planet earth' a documentary presented by David Attenborough ijncludes this particular version of documentary in it.

THE POETIC MODE – subjective, artistic expression

the poetic mode stresses the lyrical and emotional aspect of the historical world it sacrifices filmic conventions for example, continuty editing and a situated time and space, to explore associations between images, objects and patterns.

THE OBSERVATIONAL MODE – window on the world 

the observational mode attempts to observe aspects of the historical world as they happen, usually they have no voice over commentary they also don't have sound or music, there is also no interviews and social actors act as if there are no film makers there.


the participatory mode documentary is the complete opposite the the observational, as the cast of the documentary are very much involved in the documentary, it also involves participation of the filmmaker as well as the social actors 

THE REFLEXIVE MODE – awareness of the process

THE PERFORMATIVE MODE – filmmaker as participant 

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