Friday, 26 September 2014

evaluation of stop motion animation formats

1. Whiteboard -
                         A whiteboard animation is quite simple, draw lots of different movements on a whiteboard, after being shot on istop motion it will look like the person is moving in the animation, this is an easy way of animation but just takes a lot of time. For example in our version we have done it so Harry draws the stickman then he fly's off in to the sky, this took us about ten minutes to film and draw.

-this animation was quite easy to accomplish, in the sense of it was easy to create
-the outcome of the animation was successful
-it looked like the stickman was actually alive

-in one of the shots there is a finger in the shot, would be better if that wasnt there
-if the drawings were a bit more professionally drawn
-the the drawgs were done more colsely so the shots came out smoother

2. People and Objects -
                                      People and objects is also a very easy animation, it en voles the use of people or parts of a person, like hands or legs. On istop motion you basically take a photo on each different movement that happens, for example we have used fingers, kicking a piece of paper that is meant to be a football, I would say out of all of the animations we have done this was the simplest is filming and setting up, and overall took us 5 - 10 minutes.

-in this animation it successfully looks like that the paper is being kicked by the fingers
-the animation had smooth transitions inbvetween each shot

-there is a someones hand in one of the shots, which was shot by accident
-if maybe the background of the clip was more proffesional
-if there was better matirials used for the ball

3. Claymation -
                          Out of all of the animations this is the one were you can be the most creative because you can do what ever you want with clay. It is also one of the easy methods of animation if you do it simply, is you do it more complex it can be very hard and a lot of effort. It is basically made by making what ever out of the clay then moving or changing the clay a tiny bit.


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