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Aardman Studios: Wallace and Gromit.

For each character they have their own animator and for each animator they have their own assistant animator which allows the head animator to help the assistant create their own character so once the assistant know what they're doing the animator will leave them too it and then once the characters have been created the animator will put them into set and start to film.

For the sets they (the creaters) of Wallace and Gromit put groups together to create the sets so that each set can be created in time for the next scene to be filmed. For each Character they use a small frame so that it's easier to do they stop-motion so that they can move the characters slightly every time they take a shot to film. This saves time as it means that all the Assistant animators don't have to always have to create new charters that have slightly moved for each and every single shot that has to be taken for the film. Using the frame will allow the animators to only swap the heads over as they can always touch the character as it may smudge the clay or their finger prints will show up.

Aardman used different cameras for different scenes as some cameras may work better than others in different lights, or another camera may work better when something is moving constantly in one movement for example: the car scenes when Gromit drives Wallace's car chasing after the Ware-Rabbit.


Cadbury Creme Egg:

 This advert was created in 2013 for the new Creme Egg advert.

This is a Stop-Motion Animation becuase you won't see a creme egg move standing up on its own. as you can see and if you were to look at this advert on youtube or on the TV you'' be able to see how much time and effort has been put into this animation.
 The Target audience for Cadburys Creme Egg would be between the ages of 16-24 years of age.

In order to create this Stop-Motion Animation; the animators would need:

  • Tri-pod
  • Camera
  • A lot of Creme Eggs.
  • Remote Control Car with a spatular and cake mixers attached to the car.
  •  String
  • Remote Control Helicopter.
  • A Set to film on

When you look at the images I've used as examples show whats happening throughout the stop-motion animation. You can see the Creme Eggs, Remote control helicopter and car.

Advert for Brazil World Cup:

 This advert was created especially for the world cup.                       This is a stop-motion animation as you can see because the characters are made of clay which ables the animators to make the characters flexible enough for them to move the characters to take all the shots they need to create the animation.

The equipment that would be needed:

  • different colours of clay in order to create the characters for the animation.
  • paper to create the plane and the map of thew world in the background.
  • Also a car, football
  • laptop.

As you can see in these images it gives you an idea of what goes on in the music video. The target audience for this advert is for those who love to watch football.

National accident Help Line "Underdog":

This advert is a Stop-Motion Animation which is based around accidents. The target audience for this advert is for those who have had an accident and don't feel they've been treated right by their insurance company.

The equipment that will be needed:

  • Tri-pod
  • Camera
  • Clay
  • Red Ribbon
As you can see in the images on the side it shows a description of what the Stop-motion animation is like, it also shows the email and phone number that should be called incase of an accident.

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