Tuesday, 11 November 2014

props and mise en scene

mise en scene: 

decor - this is based on the setting and how the events in the locations are significant. i am filming it at the skatepark so it is in keeping with the style of the documentary.

lighting - the lighting will be difficult to control as the whole documentary is not outside, so it is all depending on the weather on the day, so we will most likely wait for a sunny day to film it.

costumes - we will not be using costumes in our video, we will just be wearing everyday clothes as this is what is most comfortable when riding, and no costume is needed.

locations - the locations that are used in  my documentary are very important and a massive part of the miss - en - scene, i will be having many different locations in my documentary such as my house for the interviews and all the different skateparks i will be filming at.

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