Tuesday, 11 November 2014

questions in documentary

Questions for Charlie

1.     What is your view on the sport?
2.     Where did the sport originate?
3.     What are the similarities between different sports, such as skateboarding?
4.     Would you ever consider taking the sport up yourself?
5.     What’s the history of the skate park?
6.     Why do you enjoy the environment of the skate park?
7.     What does it mean to you?
8.     How did you start skateboarding
9.     What’s the financial situation on the sport
10. What’s the reason you do it and why do you enjoy it

 Questions for harry 

1. What are your currents sponsor situation?
2. What strives you to continue the sport?
3. Why do you enjoy it?
4. What does the skate park mean to you, and why do you go there?
5. How many injuries have you had?
6. How much money do you put into the sport?
7. When do you see yourself stopping the sport, and why?
8. How did you start the sport, and what motivated you?
9. What’s the history of the sport and how did it begin?

10. how has it become so big?

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