Wednesday, 20 November 2013



the music video we are doing only has a selective amount of characters, to be exact there is only 5, and as we are only in a group of two we will have to get other people to cast in the video

main cast: Chris Reade
this is the main girl, as we do not have a girl in our group we will have to dress chis up as a girl to recreate the part of the main girl, chris is an ideal person for the part as he has the same body proportion as the original actor, using chris is not ideal as he is a boy and the original is a girl however in the music video the girl is wearing a jumper, and its not that easy to tell she is a girl so the same can be done with chris.

three gamblers: Harry, Chris and Aaron
these are the three gamblers that are betting on teddy bears on fighting and will be played by Harry ODonoughue Chris Reade, and a friend Aaron Brogden, in the scene that these characters are in they are all wearing sombreros and there face is not really revealed so it should be quite easy to film this scene 

drummer: Harry ODonoughue
this role is the singer/artist and the drummer who are in the music video the same people they just switch in between shots

ideal actor
i think if i where to pick specific actors to come and role in my music video i would most likely have Selena Gomez as the main girl role as she is a look a like of the current one and she is also a very talented actor, i would then have the original imagine dragons to play the music in the video, and Brad Pitt and Will Smith as the gamblers as they are my favorite actors and out too very talented and have the same appearance as the original gamblers in the video.

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