Tuesday, 19 November 2013

equipment/prop list

equipment/prop list 

this drum set is in the music video, and is needed to recreate the music video to precise detail.

this cage is also used in the music video it carries the toy, it also has a blanket over it, so this will be recreated to give a precise effect.

this tripod is used to give a steady effect to the camera so that we can get still and steady shots.

this computer is a piece of equipment that i already have and is need to render the clips and put them onto the editing software.

this is used to edit the music video on, and is important, and is already supplied by the media department, and this particular software is good.

this is possibly the most important piece of equipment as it is used to film the video on, and this camera is already owned by me and is a very good quality, camera to mirror the same as the original video.
this wardrobe symbolizes the different outfits and costumes we will have to waear, for example the girl will have to a wear: a grey T-shirt and a blue hoodie, and the gambles wear suit type outfits with sombreros and glasses, these will be worn to recreate the exact scene to make it more effective.

this guitar is shown in one scene and is needed just to add efect by recreating it to its every detail.

these are dollars and they are thrown around when everyone is gambling and we will also need to do this with money.

this Panama is part of the gamblers costume and is needed to create a similar scene to the gambling scene in the original video.

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