Friday, 22 November 2013

5. Annotated research

- this is my first piece this graph shows the e4 viewing schedule and it specifically shows which shows on e4 are most viewed, as you can see in this particular date which i have selected quite recently it shows the Big Bang Theory being the most popular how compared to others, which shows the target audience enjoys comedy and would be quite young.
-This is the current E4 logo and is the color purple, this particular shade of purple is used in most E4 features including the website, indents and the logo they continuously use this color so that people recognize the channel when they see it.

These two colors are the main colors in E4 at the moment and they stick to these colors so that people recognize E4 as a channel, they will use this particular shade of purple for logos, idents and the website you can see the specific pantone blow.

I did a survey to research the target audience of e4 and other questions like this, i found out that the lower age is more common watching e4 i also asked other questions to help with my ident such as what most color is popular, what type of ident, just questions that could help improve my ident. 

i also did an interview asking questions about the ident and i was hoping the feedback would improve my ident to make sure that the public would approve, from the interview it showed that purple was a popular color so thereofre i put in in my ident to improve it.

I did a pitch talking about my ident and what features it includes, for example corporate identity theory, and the target audience, this gave me feedback that enabled me to make enhancements to my idea, for example one of the enhancements was i needed to make it so my ident could follow on to other idents, and this helped.

the design and purpose of my ident is to appeal to the target audience which is 16-34 year olds, to do this i must keep the recognized E4 color which is purple, i must also keep my ident short but interesting to attract people to watch E4 channel and the design i am doing is fun, amusing and random which fits the features of E4.

I have also researched the E4 current website to gain knowledge of what a successful ident is and how i can make mine equivalent to there is so that it is an ident that appeals to the target audience and it interesting and fun, and include features from corporate identity to make it a recognized ident to E4.

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