Wednesday, 20 November 2013

7. rebranding case study

this is the current ITV logo that was rebranded on the 14th of january 2013, from the words of ITV they said they changed their color scheme as it is a "better reflect on their program mix", the logo's color changes depending on what it is advertising, for example as you can see below there is an advert for 'downtown abbey' and the colors change to suit it programming, there are also various other examples as you can see below, they did this as in downtown abbey there is quite dark colors and they tried to blend the logo in to the advert but not as much so hat you cant see it.

These are the new rebranded Ident for ITV they use them in between programmes to attracted the audience to watch their channel, as you can see they have used very bright color in this particular ident to attract the audience and entertain them, this ident consists of what looks like a tent being put up and the logo appears blending with the colors of the tent, it is interesting and colorful which attracts the audience, the audience that is targeted is everyone, they will play different ident for different age groups at different times, for example in CITV that target the younger audience the ident would appeal to children however on ITV 1 the ident will appeal to all ages, by making the colorful interesting and relatable and not to long so people do not get bored, so most of the ident are simple but random so they can keep doing random ident that has no purpose, however each ident has a logo and that logo will be the same color as the colors within the ident for exampk this one is red white and blue, they have changed this as in the previous ident there was the old logo that would stay the same color and just fade in the the random picture behind it.

there are obvious reasons on why ITV rebranding one being they have to change to keep up with a modern society as people would get bored of the same logo and idents, and they have to appeal to their target audience, which is everyone therefore going on the concept of corporate identity theory the color of the logo has diversity to appeal to their diverse audience as the logo has a lot of different colors in it, going from various websites the feedback and reviews for the rebrand have been very positive and people say they enjoy the idents more than the old as they are more interesting.

E4 said they where proud and legally obliged to announce the return of Eefer. The little purple robot was the official face of the channel when it launched in 2001 and was an instant hit with almost everyone who worked on creating him. Eefer is a walking, talking robo-celebrity designed to exist on air and in person. From 2001 to 2003, he starred in a series of high profile adverts for E4, which were described by Campaign magazine as being ''mostly fine". And whilst Eefer's personal appearances were less successful, it was generally agreed that when he was kept away from bright lights, alcohol and newsreaders, things went quite well. Eefer last appeared in 2003 and is excited by the chance of a comeback.
"It's been ten years since I've been on E4 but it's still the best channel in the world!" he enthuses. "Where else can you see Friends AND Big Brother?", As before Eefer is back for 2013 and he is already in one of the new idents

This one of the new E4 idents which are described as a public hit, with character 'Eefer' being brought back, everyone enjoys them massively, all the feedback on the E4 website says they love the new idents as the cast Eefer in some of them, the new idents where created, as some people may have been getting board of them so E4 decided to stay with the modern trend and add new idents new for the coming up new year, another reason they may have made new ones is so that they can introduce Eefer, and more interesting idents that will encourage people to watch E4 as  channel, as usual E4 have used the corporate identy theory and kept there branded color which is on Eefer and various other things in the idents and adverts so people recognize it as E4, they also keep in amusing and interesting as E4 broadcast comedies, sitcoms and lifestyle so there idents relate to this by being random and funny, they also appeal to there target audience 16-34 olds therefore they have to keep modern and fresh to keep there audience interested and wanting to see more.


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  2. D explain how E4 retained its target audience