Wednesday, 22 April 2015

evaluation of stop motion animation formats

5. Evaluation of Stop Motion Formats

    WWW: we managed to make the movement of this small video clip smooth and affective.

        EBI: we would make sure that the lighting was consistent so that the lighting stays the same. and not faded and then bright all the time.

            EBI: we would make sure that our hands are out of the picture for every time we create a new scene/image.

             EBI: If we did a close u on the scene so their was no off set showing.

            WWW: we managed to get good shots throughout the mini clip

            WWW: The shots were good

            EBI: If we managed to make the white board cleaner

            EBI: We would make sure that our hands are out of the picture for every time we create a new scene/image.

            EBI: If we made the shots closer up so no off set was showing

            WWW: We made the sure that we had a distinctive board pen so it would show up on the camera clear instead of blurry.
            In the White board animation we found it easy to change our mistakes as we could rub them out and then re-draw them. Also it wasn't working to well because every time we rubbed an error out it would leave a black stain on the white board and we didn't/don't have any whiteboard cleaner so whenever we took a new shot it would show a black stain in the background.

            WWW: Close up shots were good
            WWW: Animation looked good
            WWW: We did it quickly
            WWW: As we have created a small video for this we have had to make paper cut outs to small sizes so that we can move everything about while filming.

            EBI: The character was orange
            EBI: If the light wasn't flashing
            EBI: If the Character was drawn better

            For the paper animation we as a group found it interesting as we got to draw our ideas and then cut them out, and we could bring them to life by moving them. The bad thing about the paper animation is that we had to cut out our characters several times because we couldn't cut around the shapes easily so we had to keep drawing new ideas; until we came up with an idea that was easy to cut out.

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