Wednesday, 22 April 2015

team meeting minutes

Team Meeting Minutes

Our group for our animation had a meeting in which we were talking about how we were going to film our documentary. We talked for about 10-15 minutes on how we were going to film our animation. We decided we wanted to do it based on Teenage Cancer Trust and we had to base it around Teenagers to early adults.

What we're going to do is film apart of our animation on a clay filed with a small character in which we're going to create playing football. The boy (the character which we've made) starts doing kick ups with a ball. We decided that the boy should fall down to the ground in agony so that he can attract attention from some walking by.

We then thought as a group we would show someone walking past along the field who spots the boy in agony. The random stranger then calls the ambulance.

after that scene we decided that we needed to have some form of an ambulance so we got a Lego one. we then showed a scene of the ambulance driving the boy to hospital. When the boy finally gets to the hospital theirs going to be a black out. This part one of our group members Dan thought we should have some sort of text in the animation saying "3-6 months later". And after that the boy comes out of the hospital treated and he goes back to playing football at the end of the animation.

For the equipment we'll need:

  • Tripod/ Camera 
We'll need a camera and tripod to shoot our animation because using a tripod will keep our camera having a steady aim throughout filming the animation

  • Clay
We'll need a lot of clay for our animation as we need to create a grass field and all of our characters which will take up a bit of time but with our team we'll be able to do it.

  • Lego
We won't need a lot of Lego as we only really need it to create the hospital table and for the ambulance we can just buy a lego ambulance which won't cost to much

  • Cardboard
We'll need Cardboard to create our base outline for our animation set.

  • Computer
We'll need a computer to create our final edit for our animation as it will contain all of our information to actually create the animation.

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