Friday, 24 April 2015

annotated screen grabs u33

As you can see on the left this is where i have just started to edit the animation and i have imported all the images onto the editing software, i have then put them in order so that it makes a stop animation video when played, however it is really slow.

The reason the animation is so slow is because each picture is too long, to change this you have to change the duration of each clip, so once i selected all the clips and changes the duration to about half a second each the whole animation plays a lot smoother.

After making the animation play smoothly to look like a video i then added some sound effects to improve the quality of my animation i added this first effect which is footsteps so that it sounds like the characters are actually walking.

The second sounds effect i have added to the animation is the sort of sounds you would hear in a hospital this is to let the audience know where it is taking place if trey did not already know.

i then added the simple sound effect of 'magic pop' this sound effect was used when the objects were appearing in the hospital room

this is the final piece of editing done and it is adding the final sound effect with is the celebration sound at the end when the patients life improves.

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