Wednesday, 22 April 2015

stop motion animation presentation guide

  • 1. Stop-Motion Animation Guide

  • 2. Equipment • For a Stop-Motion Animation you will need: • Camera • Tripod • What every you need to create the set and characters

  • 3. Characters • For the characters depending on what type of characters you want to use, you may use different materials or products to create the characters (I.E. Lego, Clay). • Also for the characters for the stop motion animation you will need to take a couple of shots for each movement the character makes, so in the final piece it moves in a smooth movement.

  • 4. Set • Depending on what type of stop-motion animation you do, the set will look different for what ever you decide to do. • So you need to be sure on a solid idea which you will stick to until the animation is completed. • For example: if you do a E4 animation for stop-motion you’ll try and make the set stick with the original colour (keyword: Pantone colour) purple.

  • 5. Camera shots/ Movement • For each camera shot you take of a character you’ll need to take two shots. • This goes for every movement as well so at the end of the piece it looks smooth and that its been done properly and care has been taken while the production of this stop-motion animation.

  • 6. Editing/ sound • For editing you’ll need to use final cut, as it’s the best editing system we have. • Whilst editing you’ll also need to put sound in. Depending on what your animation is based on you’ll need to choose appropriate music to go with it. • To put music into final cut you’ll need to go onto Youtube find the music you wish to play in your animation, and take the hyper link, and open a new tab on the internet and find a Youtube to MP3 converter to then be able to put the music into final cut.

  • 7. Exporting • Exporting your short Stop-Motion Animation onto your blogger page you can either: • Put it onto Youtube and then take the hyper link and put it on your blogger on your post and on to the HTML and it’ll them be on your blogger. • You can also save your animation onto a memory stick and then put it on your blogger separately.


We will need a camera and tripod to use to create our animation because these two bits of equipment together will give us a good quality still image. If we don't use the tripod and only a camera our images won't be steady and will make our animation look unprofessional. 


To create our characters we thought as a group we would use clay as it best suits our animation. It's easy to use and we can move the characters quite easily. And if we need to changer the look of the character slightly we won't take to long as we would just have to re-shape it.


For our set we will use clay and cardboard and paper. We will need the cardboard to create the bass of the set. We'll need the paper for the background for the sky and trees, and finally we will need green clay to make grass for the flooring of the animation.


For editing and sound we will be using final cut as it allows use to us the best form of editing and will get us the best results possible. We can use Final cut as it provides a good sound system for editing and we can import music from youtube to final cut to edit it into our animation.

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