Wednesday, 3 June 2015

camer test shots and analysis

Camera Test Shots Analysis

These are a few camera test shots we took before we made our final animation.

In this image we took as a test shot to see what it would look like with the doctor speaking to the patient.

We then took a test shot of the doctor walking out of the room so we can see how it would look like the with the doctor walking out.

We then took to test shots at the end of the animation to see what it would look like with the patient, his friend, doctor and all of the furniture that had been brought in to make the patient feel comfortable. we wanted to see if their was to much in that one shot.

This is a test shot of the very end to see what the animation would look like with all of the furniture band characters moving out of the way to show the Teenage Cancer Trust logo in the centre of the animation.

The reason why we did these test shots was because we wanted to make sure the animation we wanted to make looked good in the test shots. After we took these test shots we were able to work around them to create our final edit.

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