Tuesday, 17 September 2013

music video genres

Imagine Dragons-radio active, this video is an indie therefore the conventions include a very moody dark environment this is very common in most indie music videos, there is also the fact that there is some shots of the band playing there music this is also common in music videos, and is done to demonstrate that the band is talented and can play instruments as well as sing, there is also a story to this music video which again is common in indie style music, in this particular music video there is a random music video where there is a battle between stuffed animals which is quite random however there is also shots of the band, and it turns out they are trapped and are then saved. 
 Notorious big- big poppa, this is a rap genre of music and will therefore have a certain set of conventions, such as: the lighting will be rather dark, and there will commonly have shots of a club with people dancing, also the main rapper will be surrounded by attractive women dressed inapproapitatly but to attract a male audience as-well as a female audience, there will also be shots of the rapper with expensive items such as a big house or a nice car to envy people, in most rap videos there will be shots of the artist with his shirt off to display muscle and attract a female audience and so men have something to aspire to.
Wheatus-teenage dirtbag, this rock genre video has a common set of conventions in it which is found in most rock videos for example there is a lot of shots of the band and there instruments, this is done to show that the band have talent as well as singing and are not just famous for that, there is also a story behind some rock videos so that it is interesting to watch for example in this one there is a boy trying to win a girl for prom, the style is generally guitars and drums, and they will commonly be playing at a gig or concert.

avincii-wake me up, this is a pop genre of music and is mostly played in the charts or on the radio, however the music video has a certain set of conventions that is found in most pop videos that link up, for example there is a large amount of shots of a big concert where the band will play, and there will be shots of people dancing and enjoying themselves, the colors are generally quite bright to intrigue a younger audience however it is listened to by all ages, there will generally be a story in the music video for example in this one it is them and how far they have come and them playing in a massive concert, there will also be alot of shots of the main artist singing, in this case avincii.

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