Tuesday, 10 September 2013

NME music video task

NME Music Video Post

Eminem, My Name Is - in this music video there are various different shots they do this as they have lots of different locations therefore need more than one camera to film this, they do this as the story being told in the music video needs to be shot in different locations, for example when he is on tv and then it switches to the people watching the tv, there would have to be two different cameras for this to make sense, the editing done in this music video is very smart and done to match the story of the video, which is he keeps changing people and saying my name is which could mean hes lots of different people, and it is edited to show people watching tv and then it switches the shot to Eminem inside the tv singing and so on, the genre is rap and therefore the stereotype for rap videos is fast cars big houses and parties however in this one there is a story to it where he is in the tv.

Robyn-Killing me - this music video is edited so that the whole video is done on a computer and it has a old fashion 3-d effect, this is quite different to your normal music video as most videos just include half naked women and expensive cars so that people can desire and thats why they include them however this video is different as it does not include these things. the video starts on the website 'google' and it then goes to a white background where lyrics come up, there is not really a meaning to the song, as there is no story, however it is an interesting video as it is different to other videos, as it has no actors in it, and it is quite random as it has lots of different shapes and effects to it, this makes it interesting and actually makes me want to watch the rest of the music as a result of it being so different.                                                                   

Jay Z - Big Pimpn' - This music video contains various different shots and therefore would use alot of different cameras, for example there was one scene where he was on a boat and then the next scene he was in a concert, there was not really a story behind this only that he was a pimp traveling around and how he was rich and having fun. Also this video has quite a lot of common factors that you would find in a music video, for sample it has half naked women and big boats and expensive cars, these are things people desire and its why they watch the music video as it is a desirable lifestyle.   

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  1. This is working towards Pass Harry, but you need to describe shot types using the appropriate technical language to work towards Merit here.