Tuesday, 24 September 2013

13. ident analysis

This e4 ident is completely random however that is because it is to interest the viewers that are 16-34 year olds, like all idents it includes the logo in some of the shots for example like in the photo the logo is slowly made on the wall as all the other objects around it are moving as well, also focusing on the logo you can see that the logo is in the classic E4 color which is a certain shade of purple this is so that people recognize the logo as E4 because of the color, there is also alot of other objects in this color, the song used is a mystical sounding song this is used to open shows and so when people here it they will know a show is coming on, there are almost alot of sound effects for example small robots shooting rockets, the camera is panning across getting all shots as they diverse into different objects, the camera also pull out shots as it slowly moves out of the object, the whole video is animated. This ident may not be attractive for all ages as the ident is quite child like as it includes toys and sweets therefore this may not appeal to an older audience this is negative as they will not reach as many views on the channel.


This ident is completely random also and has nothing to do with the channel it is advertising, as it is just dogs running in a circle formation howver the dogs running in a circle represent bbc one as there are running in the formation of the logo as it is in a circle which is the face of bbc 1 so people would recognize it as the bbc and in the middle of the circle it uses the bbc logo as-well, is also uses the corporate identity theory as it uses the color red which people would situate with bbc one as it is the color used most commonly in there channel, the song used is a simple light melody with no lyrics, the camera shot is a close up to the dog jumping the flaming hoop to interest the audience which is a target of everyone therefore the ident is there to entertain people of all ages. This ident may not be attractive for all ages as some people don't like animals or dogs and some people may even be allergic therefore putting them off the channel and not getting as many views this results in that being a negative prospect of the ident.

This ident is random to the channel it advertises however it uses bright colors that intrest the target audence of young children, the ident is animated and and uses camera shots where it is just still and filming in-front of it, there is no song in the ident only sound effect which are childish, to intrigue the audience, the ident uses the cooperate identity theory by using its common oragne colour with the logo this is so people recognize the logo as nickelodeon when they see it, the ident itelf has no relevene to anything but it is just there to entertain the audience which is children, the ident itself is animated as most of the shows are animated, and an animated ident is fit to more of a younger audience. This ident may not be attractive for all ages as the ident is quite childlike as it includes cartoons and bright colours therefore appealing to more of a younger audience this can put off an older audience therefore not getting as many views as they could have.


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