Friday, 16 May 2014

advertising in music videos

Music video product placement is a growing industry currently worth more than $20 million a year, and plenty of headlining stars have dabbled in the practice.

There is at least nine different brands make appearances in the nine-minute music video, from Gaga's own Heartbeats headphones to a "Beats Limited Edition" laptop, from HP Envy to "telephone" partner Virgin Mobile, and from Miracle Whip and Wonder Bread to Diet Coke.
Almost instantly, the video lighted up the web with reactions from the likes of the Huffing-ton Post, The Guardian, Jezebel, Rolling Stone and Interview Magazine, which gave a helpful rundown of all the brands -- including fashion and accessories -- that make appearances.

the new Avril Lavigne video takes the product placement cake—even though it only features one product.
"Oh, my new Sony phone is ringing," says Avril as she picks up her Sony Xperia—which is bobbing in a glass of water. She then launches into her new single, "Rock N Roll." The product placement is so grotesquely blatant that it almost comes off as punk performance art.

The focus of this music video is Britney making love to the camera. Or, the Sony camera to be more specific. One-second clips in the video begin like a montage of dollar signs for endorsements including Britney’s own Radiance perfume (which, by the way smells like rotten berries), Make-Up Forever concealer… then the dating website PlentyofFish. It is reported that Spears made over $500,000 from this music video from the brands featured in it alone.

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