Wednesday, 14 May 2014

16. focus group and analysis

focus group and analysis

me and chris presented out pitch on out ident and what it was going to consist of, we presented it to the class, the reason for this is so that we could collect feedback, which could give us an idea on what the perfect ident is and how we could change it for the better, here are some ideas below that helped us change out ident idea.

WWW: Alot of ideas where said that could make out ident better such as:

-well structured, good idea
-used corporate identity theory, which is good and makes it recognizable to E4
-using a character is good for the audience.
-idea for ident is good for target audience, as it would entertain all ages.
-has an originality to it not really seen it done before

EBI:we had some 'even better if's' as seen below:

-could have included more scenes as we only have a few
-if it where to flow together a bit better as it is a bit random
-spend a bit more time on the scenes and editing
-put more effort into moulding the clay to make it better looking
-need to include a theme tune or music into it

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