Thursday, 22 May 2014

35. annotated drafts (screen grabs)

As you can see on the left this is where i have just started to edit the ident and i have imported all the images onto the editing software, i have then put them in order so that it makes a stop animation video when played, however it is really slow.

As you can see on the left i have had to change the time of each image so that the animation will appear to be a lot, faster giving the image that it is like a real video.

once i have changed the time i have to add the first audio effect, as you can see it is just a small music clip to match the scenery, and it will only play till the next scene.
 As you can see i have now added a second music clip, this one however is a dramatic tune to match the rocket flying in space.
 Once i have added the music, i have to then add the sound effects, this is to make the ident more professional and more interesting, for example as you can see on the left i have added a sound effect to make the logo scene more dramatic
 As you can see on the left in this picture i am adding footsteps as a sound effect the reason for this is so that in the video when he is walking the is a sound to match it so it sounds and looks like he is walking.

 As you can see in this one i have added an airplane take off sound effect, i added it to match when the rocket takes off so it looks and sounds like it taking off.

Finally i added the forest sound this is to match the forest scenery at the beginning, to make more professional and make it not only look good but sound good as well, i then exported the video so i could place it on my blog.

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