Thursday, 22 May 2014

in depth case study (imagine dragons)

In Depth Artist Case Study - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are the artists of our first draft music video, the song 'radio active' was created by them.

                            For Imagine Dragons that means the brutal honesty and power of straight-ahead rock and roll interwoven with innovative backbeats,  basslines, and percussion. “We like making raw natural noises and keeping them raw and natural but transforming them into synthetic noises,” Sermon says. “We are gearheads. 

We do a lot of experimenting with percussion that’s electric and acoustic on top of each other.” Every band member except Reynolds attended Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music, and the technical skill and precision that comes with that education has impacted Imagine Dragons’ sound and process. “I’m a musician that goes by ear. And when you put those two types of people in a room together that’s when the magic happens,”.

- In my eyes Imagine dragons sing more of a alternative style of music, me and Harry decided to chose one of there songs as there songs / music videos would be very good to re create.

- Me and Harry are exited about choosing the 'imagine dragons' to create on of there music videos (as a fan of imagine dragons it should be rather fun), the only tricky part about re creating this music video will be to re create the special effects that are used, as we are only re creating the first minute this wont be a massive problem as there isn't many effects in the first minute. 

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