Thursday, 15 May 2014

6. research proposal - ident

Research Proposal

To: RWS            
From: Harry O’Donoughue and Chris Reade           
Date: 17-05-14           
Subject: Research Proposal

Proposed Research Topic:
Television idents are there solely because they are designed to give some kind of announcement as to what station you are on. It is highly recommended in broadcasting. They can also represent a form of branding or to satisfy the authorities involved. Also, the idents can vary between simplistic or complex, loaded with details, 3D, great music, etc, it impacts the audience in the sense of it lets the viewer know what station they are watching.

When we make out indent I am hoping that when it is watched people will resemble it with E4 the reason for this is I have used he cooperate identity theory so people know when they see the certain shade of purple they will know its E4, I also hope that it will entertain my target audience of 16-34 year old to do this I used a theme that all ages would enjoy.

By making this ident I am hoping to get the appreciation of my target audience, I will be doing this by using a theme that appeals to an age group of 16 to 34 year olds, the theme I will be using in my ident is a space theme, the reason for this is so that all ages can appreciate the ident and recognize it to be an E4 ident, I will do this by using cooperate identity theory so people recognise the certain shade of purple as E4 that is what I am hoping to achieve.

In out ident there will just be me and my co worker Chris, and we will be making the ident on out own, we will need to invest in some things such as a camera which we can obtain from home, we will also need to invest in some clay it will b quite cheap normally around £7.99, we will also need to think about where we will film it, most likely in the classroom and just make a set around it. We will not need interviews, as it is just the two of us making it

I will be using several methods of research, the first being a survey, within this survey i will include questions for the target audience so i can see what they would be expecting to se and what would appeal to them most, i would also include a interview and focus group this will also determine what i should include in the ident to appeal to the audience and also link it the the corporate identity theory.  

Prepare proposal by: 23-05-14     
Complete literature review by: 23-05-14     
Complete fieldwork by: 23-05-14           
Complete analysis by: 23-05-14     
Give presentation in by: 23-05-14           
Complete final report by: 23-05-14           

There are some restriction that could affect out ident such as: we only have a small budget on our ident so it could not be as professional as we hoped, we also can not get hold of a professional cast and crew as there is only two of as and out budget is small, we can only use the cameras we have or get given so the quality is not amazing either.

References - I used this website to get my information on things I would have to use to make my ident professional, for example I looked at corporate identity theory and I looked at the target audience they had and finally I look at idents they had made so I could get an idea and information on how to make my ident professional and get it looking like one of there’s.