Thursday, 22 May 2014

filming permission

Filming Permission - Bromley Council

As we are filming our music video in bromley, we first need permission from the Bromley council to do so. 

 "If you know where you'd like to film, please make your application here. Bromley, along with most other London boroughs, uses a web-based film application process called FilmApp, designed to help both the film maker and the film officer."

"Set up the various locations you need one by one until you have entered all the locations. There is a fast track for small crews wanting GVs in many locations. And if you are intending to film driving shots from a moving vehicle, you can simply enter the route you intend to take.    Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, and submitted your application, you will receive an acknowledgement by email. If the application is successful, your licence will follow. There may be a fee to pay if you are using a park or housing estate or other private land. To pay the fee, you will be able to use a WorldPay link, or if your company has a credit agreement, you can simply send a purchase order number."
Above can be found at '', and is how we got permission to film all over Bromley in the specific spots we needed to film in.
- To the right is the bromley page you need to find when you have done this, read through it so you know all of the points and terms and conditions, if you agree with them to proceed you can click ' make an enquiry' or 'apply to film', then the Bromley council will come back to you asking about when, were, etc,.

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