Friday, 19 June 2015


This is our final evaluation of our final edit for our documentary on skating. In the link below we mention what we did throughout filming the documentary. We also talk about what we thought went well the most and what we thought we could've improved in the documentary to make it better than what we actually made it. Overall I think we can say our documentary on the skate park was a huge success as it turned out a lot better than originally planned.
there was a couple of things that we needed to change in the documentary such as some fonts being hard to read so they needed to be changed to a font that could be easily read, we also had to shorten a couple of clips as some things that were being said had been repeated so they needed changing which was just a matter of editing but other than that the documentary went really well.

During the process of my documentary the planning and research went very well, as a result of this the documentary turned out exactly as planned and was a success, during the planning we made sure that everything was prepared for when we were ready to shoot, for example we done a location rec. to make sure that the location we were filming was appropriate and to know where we were going to be filming so that when it came to the time of filming the video we were prepared and already have knowledge of where we are going to film, we also done a props list to ensure we knew exactly what props we needed and how much they would cost, we also did a cast list to plan who was playing which role, finally we did a production schedule to know what scene involves what so that when the time of making the video came we knew what to do. overall out group worked really well together as everyone put in equally as much work to get an overall success as i think the video turned out really well.

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