Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Interviews For Dummies

Interviews For Dummies
Doing an interview for someone that hasn't done an interview before will be quite tricky as they won't know what to expect and won't know what to say if a certain topic is brought up.

To Interview someone for the first time you'll need to put them into categories for example someone my have a bit of knowledge in a certain area compared to someone else who may know something else in a different topic. So interviewing people in their comfort areas is key as you'll be able to get more information out of them.

You will then need to ask them some questions about that topic. But they mustn't be complicated questions as they (the interviewee) may freeze and won't know what to do.

Picking someone to interview may be difficult as those who haven't done an interview may be to nervous to actually do one. By picking a topic such as football, or Dance those who have knowledge of those areas may feel up for the task of being interviewed. You have to make sure they're confident enough to do the interview as they may freak out when they see a few people asking them questions one after the other.

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