Friday, 19 June 2015

interview pitch

Overall our pitch that we made prior to our documentary is very informative and shows exactly what we are going to do and what we were going to film.


  • It was very informative in parts in stating what we were planning to do
  • It gave a rough, short , snappy insight into what goes on at a skatepark
  •  We included where the skatepark is geography wise is and how far away from the town centre
  • In the documentary the best parts were the openings were we had background music over the  credits and the tricks.
  • its shows how the skatepark impacts people lives


  • In the pitch we were suspect to poor spelling/grammar at a couple of points
  • We were quite vague in some areas where didn't go into detail when maybe we should of done
  • The risks that could of occurred were too extreme and could of ended in a very bad manor.
  • Could of asked more questions and a more variety of questions to the skaters
  • Another improvement could of been to interview more locals

The main issue with our camerawork is that in some of our shots especially with Keenan Mehmet you can not see the skatepark when he is talking about it. Another piece of camerawork that didn't go down too well was Harry O'Donoughue shot where it was very dark in the background and in a dark room you may not be able see his face.

As a team we believe the documentary was success because we didn't believe we could reach the quality that it currently is. Also we are pleased that we have reached over 1000 views on it. Every person that contributed did a great job in their role of giving us their insight of the skatepark

The pitch we feel was good but we did have to make a few adjustments to our original pitch, such as some spelling and grammatical errors. We also feel we could of made the pitch longer than it actually is and put more detail in the points that we wrote about. But for what we have done we both think we have done a good job.

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