Tuesday, 16 June 2015

what is a documentary

What does a documentary try and bring across?:

A documentary tries to bring across a specific topic, that its based an example of this would be David Attenborough. Because he does so many documentaries people are attracted to listen to him because he always talks about the same topic but on different things within the documentary. He does documentaries on:

  • Natural history 
  • National Wildlife
  • The genius of Britain 
  • Natural world
He (David Attenborough) captures all of the small details about each of his subjects as he's passionate about what he does and thats creating documentaries for viewers that want to learn more about certain topics.

This is an image of David Attenborough filming a documentary in the Amazon Rainforest. For his documentary on National Wildlife.

This is another image of David Attenborough doing a documentary on the Natural World.

Both of these documentary's which were both filmed and presented by David Attenborough are very interesting to watch. This is why he's so successful because he digs out all the small details as well as the more interesting details which makes him so unique.

In the link below it shows a David Attenborough Documentary.


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