Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Filmed Interview Evaluation

Filmed Interview Evaluation
I feel that during the interviews that we conducted went really well we answered each others questions in full and didn't try changing the questions that were asked.

Watching the interview back over I did noticed that all the questions that we asked were random and completely different to the next. If we were to do this interview again, we both said that we should stick to one topic and ask questions based on that topic.


  • We filmed the interviews in a quite room so we weren't disturbed 
  • Answered our questions in full description 
  • Confident when speaking to the interviewer and in front of the camera
  • Didn't hesitate between each questions.

  • If we stuck to one topic and asked questions about that 
  • If we had a third person to help us interview each other which would help because they could help guide us in what questions we ask.
  • If we used a tripod instead of laying the camera on a table to keep a still image
Overall I feel the interview was a success. I would still change some things such as the questions that should've been based on one topic, and getting the tripod. But apart from that the interview went really well. This is because; the tripod with give as a better still image so the image comes out in a better quality.

Asking questions based on one topic makes the interview look a lot better than just asking a bunch of random questions about anything. Because it'll be easier for the interviewee to answering questions based on that one topic instead of forcing them to think and to slow down when speaking.

Questions that can be improved even with their answers:

Charlie's questions towards Harry

Q1: Do you enjoy BTEC media, if so why?

A1: At times it can be challenging, but other times its a real joy so yes i do like media.

Charlie could've improved his answer by carrying on more and elaborating on his answer by talking more about the subject.

Q1: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A1: In 5 years see myself working for quite a good business preferably earning quite a lot of money but in general just working.

Charlie could've improved this by saying in specific what he wanted to be doing in 5 years for example going to university or what job in specific he wanted to do.

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