Tuesday, 9 June 2015

interview questions

What is you favourite interview and why?

        My favourite interview was 'In Town Tonight' the reason for this is this particular interview included an interview with former ss officer Heinz lingo who was Hitler's personal attendant, in my opinion i found this really interesting as seeing an interview with Hitler's right hand man, 'a man who was with him till the end', when watching i found out that he was help captive by the Russians for 10 years and he had arrived in England on the day of this interview. one of the things i found most interesting is that he was the first to see Hitlers dead body. Heinz also said that the Russians never found the body of Hitler and that he believes it is buried in a 'common grave', overall i found this interview really interesting which is why it is my favourite.

what is your least favourite and why?
        When watching this interview i found it really boring as the questions being asked where too vague and in my opinion the the answers that were being given were not satisfying, i also found that the subject that was being discussed was not interesting at all and comparing to the last interview that had someone who was hitlers right hand man being questioned, this interview just did not interest me.

what was the best question asked out of all the interviews and why?
        I found that the best question asked was in the interview 'in town tonight' when he asked Heinz 'were you with hitler all the time' and Heinz replied with 'yes, i was always with him' i think this question is really good as it opens a whole new variety of questions as you now know that he would know all Hitlers movements and also maybe getting facts about Hitler that we didn't already know.
what was the worst question asked out of all the interviews and whys?

Were you conscious of colour discrimination in your own life? This question was brought up in the Martin Luther King interview. The reason  why I like this question was because Martin answered back with "yes I was aware of colour discrimination from an early age". And he went back further into his child hood and answered that question in depth.

The worst question was "to What is oranges a autobiographical". In an interview you don't jump straight into why you've written an autobiography or even ask why you've put this in the autobiography. In an interview I would've asked why did you decide to write this book or why did you decide to become an autobiographer. In my own opinion the interviewee came across as rude and arrogant.

What is the funniest response? What question prompted it?

In my own opinion none of the responses from either interview were funny as all the questions from the Martin Luther King interview were serious questions and went into depth in his responses. and min the Jeanette Winterson interview she just had a straight face and answered then quickly but in depth.

What is the most emotional response? What question prompted it?

"I wasn't allowed to go swimming because there wasn't a pool for us" This was prompted when he was asked about what he did for activities. This is sad because white people had so much more of an opportunity than any black people would. 

Who is your favourite interviewer? Why?

John Freeman was my favourite interviewer because he was so detailed with his questions and he would also question the answers that were given and i think that this shows that he was interested in this influential figure. 

Other interesting things you have found?

         in the art in luther king interview i found how interesting his childhood was and how he treasured everything he had and didn't take anything for granted 

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