Wednesday, 3 June 2015

lighting task

Lighting Task
For our lighting our task is to make sure that the lighting is the best it can possibly be. So to make it as good as possible we will use some natural light by keeping the windows open.
We will also be using some lighting from inside of the classroom. The lighting is important to our animation so we'll need to film it in one go so that we can make sure that the light is more consistent. If we were to film it once and then stop and then film again the next day the lighting may not be the same.

We've decided to use this type of lighting as we feel it will give us the best type of lighting we'll need for our animation.

We're using paper cut out for our animation and we need to draw all of our characters and to draw some of them we need to trace them so to do that we're going to use a light box which will help us bring some of the images through. We tried just using normal light giving off from the computer and from the class room but it didn't work to well. so using the light box benefited us more.

Three Point Lighting:

Three point lighting is a method used in visual media and theatre, video, still photography. the light, as the name says; shines directly on a subject. The strength, colour, and angle of the key determines the shots overall lighting design.

For our animation we need to make sure we have the lighting sorted so its bright in all angles, this is because we're filming from a birds-eye-view angle so the camera will be facing down tag all times. To achieve this we will have lights on all sides of our animation as we can't rely on natural light because the clouds could block the suns light.

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