Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Film Editing Glossary

Film Editing Glossary
Cut: Using cut was helpful as it allowed us to cut out parts of each interview that weren't needed and other pieces that were irrelevant to our final documentary piece. it also allowed the transactions of each interview to flow better.

Continuity editing: Continuity editing is to smooth discontinuity of an editing process.

Cross Cutting: Cross cutting is two accruing scenes happening at the same time but being shown on the same screen.

Dissolve: Dissolve is from one image going into another in a flowing sequence so its not a rough changeover from each scene.

Establishing shot: The Establishing shot is the start of the scene so its the first thing you will see in each section of a film/ animation/ documentary.

Eyeline match: An Eyeline match is when to people are looking at eachother but you canm see in the final shot that their is a line in the middle of the screen showing they're two different shots.

Fade: We used fade in our documentary as it allowed us to do switch overs from each interview we had smoothly and effectively.

Final Cut: Final Cut is a software package which abled us to edit our documentary to the best of our ability. We were able to cut and add to our documentary. it let us add sound to our documentary which made our documentary even better.

Jump Cut: A jump cut for example is when theirs a fight in a film with two main characters and it starts to faded during the fight and the next scene they both wake up the following day.

Matched Cut: two shots that match to make a long continuing sequence

Montage: a sequence of shots appearing after each other other in a rapid succession.

Rough Cut: a rough cut is an early version of something that has already been made before it has been edited. an example of this would be our documentary it started off at 20 minutes and we managed to cut it down to only 5 minutes.

Shot reverse shot cutting: A convocation going on between two people with a camera shot over the shoulder showing the other person thats talking and vice versa

Wipe: A wipe starts with an image from one part of the screen and then smoothly moves over to another part of the screen.

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