Tuesday, 16 June 2015

news vs doc

News Report Essay:

                     RP: Received Pronunciation accent, this is known as Standard English Language

                     Articulate: This s a person that is able to speak fluently and comprehensively

                     Presenters: Two people (One Male/ One Female)

The news reporters get their information through sources in which they've sent people to do a documentary on, so they can report back with information that is valid and what the people of today want to hear about.


The news crew sent out reporters so they can gather information about what’s going on in that specific area. For example: Scotland want separation from the UK so businesses such as the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBK), and NatWest. Will no longer be used as an English bank as they're Scottish Businesses. So the news crew have sent reporters up to Scotland and the Royal Bank of Scotland to find out more news about what’s going on.


In documentaries you'll get different types of camera shots and also they'll stick to one topic. Documentaries try and link all the small/ big details together. In the News they to small stories and fitting them all into one show with only on or two different types of camera shot.


Different news reports send in different reporters, for example: Sky Sports News will send reporters to football/rugby/basketball/cricket. To get all the news from the games. Other places such as BBC news will send places to Land marks in different countries or to certain cities/towns depending on how big the report is.


Documentaries stick to the same topic throughout, if they go off topic a little bit they'll always find a way to link into the same topic they're meant to be talking about. If you look at David Attenborough for example. He does loads of different types of documentaries and he makes them so unique and interesting because he goes into so much detail that he drags everyone in and they listen to what he has to say about his documentary that he's doing. He doesn't just say random facts that everybody already knows he goes into small detail and researches it as well.


journalist will need to interview eyewitnesses so they can gather more information about what's happened so they can get a better insight to what has been done/ what’s getting done. Gathering information from people around the area is another way of getting news reported, as they may know more information than others that are on the scene.

In Afghanistan there would be a correspondent that is a reporter, commentator, or general speaker, to report back to the UK what’s happening over in Afghanistan.


Documentaries will get journalist researching about a certain remote areas in which they can then make a small show to report to us what’s happening and how things have changed other the last few years.

The reporters will need to get a camera angle in which they can get a good few of what’s going on in the background, so it makes more sense to what the journalists are saying. Getting the right view of what’s going on in the background is better for the news team to report as its easier to understand what’s going on.

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