Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Visual Effects Editing Guide

Visual Effects Editing Guide

For our animation we had to do stop-motion animation meaning we had to take a single camera shots and then move the objects slightly.

Editing: Editing requires careful analysis and a good mindset which will allow you to edit quicker, so you can make your animations flow. The animation we've done is simple to edit as all we have to do is place the pictures that we've taken and cut them down a little bit so we could make our animation the length it has to be (30 seconds) this is because we had to make our animation the same length as every other animation advert.

an example of stop animation is of the image below:

Sound: Editing sound into an animation as simple as you had to get the sound off of youtube and get the html code which we then placed onto the editing software. We then cut down the sound down to the 30 seconds that we wanted to be put into our animation. After we had cut it down we then overlapped it onto the animation to finish our final piece.

an example of editing sound into an animation is in the image below:

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