Tuesday, 16 June 2015

legal and ethical

Legal and Ethical


Slander is where you verbal criticise  someones character. This is different to Libel because Libel is when someone is criticised through written criticism. This is different because you don't know how someone is actually feeling when you get criticism through writing to someone. When you're saying something to someones face its easier to see where someone is coming from because sits verbal and you can also see their body language.

An example of Libel: Cameron Diaz 

The British Sun newspaper hinted that Cameron Diaz had an affair with Shane Nickerson, a friend. When the article was published, she and Shane Nickerson were in relationships and the hardly recognizable imaged posted with the article caused damage to both relationships, so Cameron Diaz sued for defamation. But no one is sure of the amount of money Diaz was awarded.


Libel is when something is written down criticising somebody's character, where as Slander is when you verbal criticise someone. Libel can be used in a newspaper article and criticise them through news.  Slander and Libel can lead to legal cases.

An example of Libel: Keira Knightley 

Keira sued the daily mail for claiming she had a eating disorder and got £3000 given to her for damages that had been caused and gave that £3000 to an eating disorder charity.


Ethics in a documentary has to have a moral to the story and it has to have a meaning. Ethics in a documentary is the heart of the story. For example our documentary which is based on skating which we're trying to reflect the life of a skater showing how and what they do on a day to day basis and how they cope with the finical side of it.

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